7 little known facts about jeans

7 little known facts about jeans

2019-07-31 12:00:06

Although we wear jeans almost every day, have you ever thought that there are lots of unknown facts about them? Everything about denim seems very obvious, but we can still find some information that will be surprising. Let’s go!

The most common color of jeans

Did you know that the most common color of denim is indigo? Indigo denim has deep dark blue color. The jeans color is dark meanwhile the weft thread is white. If you look inside, you’ll see much lighter blue because of the structure of the denim.

Where is the word “jeans” from?

Italy (the city called Genes) is mentioned by several historians as the source of the word “jeans”. It is believed that the very first denim trousers were produced there and afterwards this term has been used all over the world instead of denim trousers.

3% Spandex for elasticity

Do you like stretch denim jeans? These elastic jeans remain popular during recent years because of the perfect fit for everyone. To make that type of denim, manufacturers use a very small amount (about 3%) of Spandex or polyester which is enough to provide 10-15% additional elasticity.

100% Cotton

Some people think that denim is a special, unique material, but it’s actually made of 100% cotton. That’s why it’s becoming very soft and durable after being produced into denim.

Raw or washed?

There are lots of types of denim and each of them is really unique. For example, dry or raw denim is any type of jeans which hasn’t been washed after being dyed. It’s interesting that some people really prefer this type of jeans because of its interesting appearance and unique properties, although it may seem old. But washed denim remains the most loved and worn type of jeans.


There are numerous types of textile, but only a few of them can compare to denim with their popularity. It’s not that old material (it was first invented about a century ago), but look how popular is it among consumers. We really love jeans, don’t we? It’s not just a trend which will stop being modern some day.

Sulphur Dyeing

We already know about indigo dyeing, but there is also another way of denim dyeing which is called sulphur. It is done to make colors such as pink, red, black, mustard, green purple. This takes more time and efforts, but the result is really awesome. By the way, which is your most favourite color of denim? Do you want to check our high quality jeans and become surprised by their reasonable prices? Just click here to get introduced to Zakaryan jeans women’s samples, which have been created based on very strict global standards.

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