How to create your perfect jeans look?

How to create your perfect jeans look?

2019-07-23 08:20:33

Everyone has jeans and wears them almost every day. With the perfect fitting pair of jeans, even a simple white T-shirt and sneakers will make you look awesome. But the problem is that sometimes people do not think too much when it comes to choosing jeans. 

Here are 5 tips for those who want to buy only perfect jeans.

1 Find your size

When you are choosing among different brands, the sizes will be different, too. But you need to remember that experts always recommend choosing the smaller size when you are in the middle of two sizes, because after several times of wearing you will feel they are stretched.

2 Cuff?

Loose and wide-legged jeans will look nicer with thick cuff while skinny jeans are better with a mini, skinny cuff.

3 You don’t need to wash them

You need to remember that jeans do not need frequent washing. You can just air your jeans between uses without actually washing them. There’s no need to wash them until they have visible stains or start to smell. Some people just put their jeans in the fridge to get rid of the smells.

4 Check the details

If it is possible, always try to find 100% cotton, because they will last longer. If jeans contain spandex or Lycra, you will feel comfortable at the beginning, but soon they will start stretching out. It is useful to check sizes and shapes of the pockets and even whether they are functional.

5 What to wear?

Jeans can be worn with anything, except, other jeans. If you are sure that you will wear 2 jeans, make sure they have light and dark colors. Avoid wearing ripped jeans to work. Do you want to start your own brand or become a reseller of high quality Zakaryan jeans? Just let us know about your plans by sending an email to You can start producing jeans with your design and logo.

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